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At Flourishing Life Psychology Services we provide support and treatment for most areas of adult psychology including, depression, stress, anxiety, anger, self-harm, life coaching, work place issues, sleeping problems and relationship issues. However, there are many other issues that we can also help with as indicated in the list below.


Here at Flourishing Life Psychology, we provide professional services designed to support and treat almost all areas of Adult Psychology. Our services are all custom catered to your specific needs, ensuring that your treatment is carried out using evidence-based practices and using a holistic based approach for the best results possible.

Understanding Anxiety

Symptoms of anxiety can present when an individual is exposed to repetitive experiences of fear, worry, and apprehension over extended periods of time.


In many cases, stress is a healthy reaction in helping us to cope with life’s challenges. It is the body’s way of responding to demand or pressures. Stress can be caused by both good and bad experiences. Too much stress, or prolonged stress can affect our physical and mental health. Taking steps to cope with situations we find stressful is important so we can function and live productive lives.

Depression/Mood Disorders

Depression can commonly be categorized as feeling ‘sad’ or ‘down’ for extended periods of time and with a higher intensity than one would normally experience these emotions. These symptoms can occur very suddenly and without any apparent reason. Depression is much more than simply sad or down and should be handled in a serious manner by a professional psychologist

Depression often has emotional symptoms such as loss of interest and enjoyment of activities that one once found entertaining, it also has cognitive symptoms such as hopelessness and consistent pessimism. Physical symptoms can also occur, usually manifesting in the form of trouble sleeping and changes in eating habits.

Behaviour and Emotional Regulation

  • Anger Management, Emotional Regulation Difficulties
  • Parenting Skills
  • Relationship/Couple Issues
  • Family/Friendship Relational Issues

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

What causes PTSD

PTSD can be brought on by any unresolved past trauma. PTSD is often associated with soldiers who have experienced extreme stress, but PTSD can be caused by any form of a traumatic event that can happen in the course of a lifetime.

Types of trauma that might cause someone to experience PTSD include either violent or unexpected death of a family member/friend, serious harm or threat of death.

Addictions and Impulse Control

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol/Substance Abuse
  • Gambling
  • Mobile Phone/Internet/Computer/Technology/Social Media Addiction

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD is a disorder that causes people to experience many unwanted thoughts, fears, an array of feelings and anxiety. These are known as obsessions and they can have a dramatic impact on peoples day to day lives. In an effort to cope with these obsessions, people develop compulsions or ‘rituals’ that help them cope.


Obsessions are the unwanted thoughts/fears that a person with OCD experiences. Even though these thoughts/fear might make no rational sense, the person still develops fear and anxiety.

Eating/Food Related

Eating Disorders relate to an abnormal way in which some people eat. These eating disorders can be very serious and can cause very real harm to a person’s health, mental health, and one’s relationships.

There are many different types of eating disorders, here are some that we treat:


Life Skills

  • Communication skills
  • Enhancing Well-being
  • Life Coaching
  • Parenting skills
  • Perfectionism
  • Resilience building
  • Self-esteem, confidence building
  • Social skills/Assertiveness training

Workcover Psychologist Services

Do you need to see a psychologist under Workcover? As long as you
have a medical certificate from your Doctor and this includes a
recommendation that you see a Psychologist, you can contact
Flourishing Life Psychology to obtain these services.

We will offer you treatment and seek approval for this treatment from
your Workcover insurer. We will work with you and your insurer to assist
in obtaining prompt assessment and treatment toward your
psychological wellbeing.

Please contact Flourishing Life Psychology today to book your session.
You can phone us on 0433 905 239 or email us on

Clinical Supervision Services

Alena Piccolruaz, the Principal Psychologist at Flourishing Life
Psychology provides clinical supervision to provisional and
registered psychologists. She is approved by the Psychology Board of
Australia to provide supervision under the following pathways in
addition to peer to peer supervision.


  • 4+2 Internship (approved for Principal and Secondary Supervisor)
  • Higher Degree program (e.g. Masters)

Supervisors play a key role in the training in, and assessing of, the
psychological competencies that are required to become a registered
psychologist, and for area of practice endorsement.


Please visit this link for further information


Please call us on 0433 905 239 to organise your supervision
session/s or email us on

Court Reports

Flourishing Life Psychology can assist you with obtaining a Court Report. Court reports require a more specific and detailed investigation than that usually carried out by a psychologist in a treatment situation. So even if a client has seen a psychologist for a number of sessions, a court report will require extra time.

The cost for the Court Report itself is not covered by Medicare.

For further information on obtaining a court report please call Flourishing Life
Psychology for more information and advice on 0433 905 239 or
email us at


  • Family Counselling/Blended family issues/Adoption/Separation/IVF
  • Carer issues
  • Self-Harm/Thoughts of Suicide
  • Insomnia/Sleeping Problems
  • Sexual Preferences/Sexuality/Gay/Lesbian LGBTIA issues
  • Workplace Issues
  • Hoarding

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