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At Flourishing Life Psychology Services, we offer counselling and psychological support for women whom are experiencing difficulties during pregnancy, post pregnancy, onset or experience of menopause and health issues in general.

Antenatal Depression

Every woman experiences pregnancy in their own unique way, no two experiences are ever quite the same. Along with the obvious physical changes that occur, psychological changes can also happen, mood swings may increase as well as excitement and anxiety. Though experiencing some degree of anxiety is perfectly normal and to be expected, some women go through a more aggressive emotional experience. This experience can sometimes get in the way of daily activities and hinder one’s daily routine and a general sense of mental wellbeing.

Postnatal Depression

When a child is born every parent goes through a transitionary phase where they adjust their lives and adapt to face the new challenges that a baby provides. Not only do changes occur in day to day activities surrounding your child, but they also occur emotionally. Most people will experience these changes for a short period of time, but some experience them for longer periods and some with more intensity than others


The menopause is sometimes called ‘the change of life’, marking the end of a woman’s reproductive life. At menopause, ovulation no longer occurs and production of oestrogen and progesterone ceases. The word “menopause” refers to the last or final menstrual period a woman experiences. When a woman has had no periods for 12 consecutive months she is considered to be “postmenopausal”.

Women now live around one-third of their lives after menopause, so optimizing physical and mental health during this period is becoming more important. Here at Flourishing Life, we provide a range of solutions surrounding Menopause and the effects that it has on your mental wellbeing.

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